DOGMA drops live video for ‘Life’


Chilean metal metal banda DOGMA release a live video for the track ‘Life’ that comes included on their debut album  ’Improve The Silence’ released in 1997. Watch the live video for the track ‘Life’, below:

The video was recorded live on December 17-18 , 2021 when the band had performed their debut album entirely in Santiago, Chile. ‘Life’ live video was produced by the band and recorded by recorded by Mario RBX (Main Cam) and Dogma’s GoPro Cameras. The music was mixed by Cristián Mardones Aldana. Edited by Gonzalo “Gonchi” González 

Dogma is:

Gabriel Almazán- Guitar & Vocals

Sebastián Rojas- Drums

Sandro Trabucco- Bass & Chorus

Franco Lama - Lead Guitar

Also part of the Dogma’sfamily Crew are:

Ricardo “Goldo” Cadiz - Drum Tech. And Gonzalo “Gonchi” Gonzalez - Stage

Previously the band has released a music video called “A Harm’s Way Night” that can be seen below:

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