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First of all, THANK YOU in advance for your time and interest on my website, Chileanmetal.

The music on this page is a selection of Artists from Chile, where I am from. The whole idea of having this website up and running is to promote their work, something i have been doing since 2004.

If you like any of these articles, please share them with your friends, by doing that you will help us a lot and will make our work valuable.

If you are a Chilean musician and have a band, please send your press releases to 
[ prensa.digmetalworld(at)gmail.com], 
so we can post your latest release or news on the website.

I am a drummer, and since i became a musician, I have always felt the need of having a place dedicated to my music, metal music. Before internet there was no other way to promote this material to the people outside of Chile, and we have always had a number of talented bands, and the thing is... they keep coming!!!! so enjoy it!

Much success


Todos los comunicados de prensa deben ser enviados via email con toda la información correspondiente a la publicación, los cuales serán revisados antes de ser publicado en el website.
Nosotros estamos ubicados en New York, USA.

Email: prensa.digmetalworld[@]gmail.com

En general debe venir incluido:

  • Titulo de la noticia
  • Descripción se la noticia
  • Imagen de apoyo de la noticia
  • Link de apoyo
Dependiendo del carácter del comunicado, la noticia sera distribuida en nuestro network.





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